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Our “Skin Body” hemp infused body cream enhances the experience of touch with the release and absorption of CBD and essential oils when massaged into skin. Provides muscle and joint pain relief, dry skin, rashes, sunburn and relief from pesky itchy bug bites.

Contains Organic Shea Butter - Organic Jojoba oil – Argan oil - Hemp Extract, Beeswax, Organic Lavender & Frankincense

100 mg Cannabinoids per ounce.

Disclaimer: Use these products responsibly and at your own risk. Be aware and understand full spectrum Hemp products contain cannabinoids and some products contain trace amounts of THC. Blue Lotus Creations is not responsible for any failed drug test. Know the laws in your own area, region, country, state, etc. By agreeing to these terms and conditions during checkout you assume all responsibility of the product and hold Blue Lotus Creations, LLC exempt from legal responsibility for one's actions.